Protectapeel Coatings

Protectapeel’s water-based, peelable, protective coatings are designed to protect plastic signage material from paint overspray, abrasion and dust and dirt during build, transport and installation. Protectapeel coatings can also be cut to a design and used a maskant.


Is the original sign makers overspray. It applies as a liquid and dries to form a contour hugging plastic film that a design can be cut through. 

After use, just simply peel away, it leaves no residue and is ideal for moulded sign pans.


Provides a temporary solution for hiding unwanted signs and provides a colourful background for temporary signage, it can even be colour matched by our onsite expert to suit your needs.

Once applied, Signmask dries to form a weather resistant plastic film to which vinyl or painted lettering can be added and when required Signmask simply peels away.


Protectapeel also offers a bright white, peelable protective coating designed for use within spray booths. Protectapeel prevents contamination to original walls, floors and surfaces and can be simply peeled away and disposed of as part of a regular spray booth maintenance programme.


This temporary white peelable coating is designed to protect spray booth walls against contamination and overspray. 

Boothstrip provides a light reflective surface for better working conditions and can be over coated several times before it is stripped back and repeated as part of a spray booth maintenance program.

To see how Protectapeel Boothstrip works click here